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About Us

We have been providing affordable, high-quality windows & doors for home owners across England and Wales for over 20 years now. Time flies!

We started out small in a single unit in Bradford in West Yorkshire 1992, and our simple values and no-nonsense attitude were there from the start. That down to earth approach has served us extremely well over the years and we’re not about to change it now. We now have forty branches across the country and ten installation depots supplying over £124 million worth of doors and windows every year. That makes us leaders in our industry today.

We’re the number 1 supplier and fitter of uPVC doors and windows in the UK. And we’re still growing. It’s quite a story really!

The Secret of our Success

Safestyle red composite door

As secrets go, the secret of our success is not that earth-shattering. It’s certainly not in the Harry Potter class. In fact, it’s not really even a secret. It boils down to four very ordinary little words:

We Keep it Simple.

And that’s really all there is to it. Here’s how it works in practice.

We only make uPVC windows & doors; we only fit them in peoples’ homes – we don’t supply housebuilders or fit out shops or offices – and we don’t spend a fortune on glossy ads, marketing gurus or swanky showrooms. We simply work really hard to deliver household windows and doors that embody value, quality and service.

Keeping costs under control

Keeping it simple means we’ve been able to streamline what we do so there’s no slack in our business and no unnecessary costs for our customers to absorb. For example, we manufacture all our windows & doors ourselves so there’s no middle men involved. It means we’re able to buy raw materials in bulk and pass on the benefits of those savings to our customers. It also means that we are able to double -check the quality of every single unit that we supply. That’s why all our doors and windows come with our famous no quibble, 10 year guarantee – because it makes life simple!

If you want to know the ins and outs of our manufacturing processes, our safety and strength testing procedures, or even our famously effective TV and radio advertising we’re more than happy to go into detail. But most people don’t want to, so we try not to waste their time. Keeping it simple means giving people what they want when they want it.

Safestyle’s Personal Approach

Homes are unique, tastes are individual and priorities are personal. We recognise that every single one of our customers is unique, and that’s why we put so much emphasis on one-to-one service. We make a point of listening to what you want and respecting your choices every step of the way.

We manufacture every door and window according to the specific dimensions of your property and with the very intimate way you feel about it in mind. We know you want the best for your home, and we see it as our professional responsibility to provide that for you. We may only fit doors & windows, but we do know that it’s how well we look after you that will continue to make Safestyle special.

Our high standards are approved by the industry's regulatory bodies. Find out more about Our Standards.

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