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Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving WindowsHow exactly do you measure energy saving in a home? After all, every home is unique, every home is different.

Without conducting a full and thorough professional survey on your home, we can’t actually provide you with an exact figure, but according to the BFRC website (Dec 2010.) replacing your old windows and doors with energy efficient ones could save you a whopping £461 per year on household bills.

Whatever the style of your home, one thing is for sure, Safestyle's quality double glazed windows and doors will help make your home energy efficient... and help you save money!

And here's how: Safestyle's quality products reduce the amount of heat lost directly through your windows and doors, reducing drafts and cold spots around your home.

This means the heat generated from the gas or electricity you pay for stays within your home longer, ensuring your home stays warm and toasty for longer. This also means you don't need to heat your home for as long to keep it cosy and in turn allows you to cut down on the amount of gas or electric you use for heating.

Combine the whole lot and the result is a more energy efficient home with reduced energy wastage, reduced energy usage, reduced heating bills and voila… more cash left in your pocket!

Why not try out our super energy efficient Eco Diamond windows range for size!

We love saving energy

We love our world as much as we love our windows. That's why we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment - through energy saving products - and through our recycling processes. We work closely with the Energy Saving Trust and Act on CO2. This is why everything we do - every decision we make - considers not only the needs of today but also the environmental impact on tomorrow.

Waste disposal is a major environmental issue. That's why we minimise landfill. We recycle everything that can be recycled, including the windows and doors we replace. And all of our windows and doors are fully recyclable. Each year we recycle an average of 6,000 tonnes of glass, 1,200 tonnes of PVCu, 100 tonnes of metal, and 50 tonnes of timber. This is just part of the 15,000 tonnes of general waste we recycled last year.

Of course, our environmental responsibility runs much further than recycling. Our products are designed to be eco windows and doors. How do they work? Well, you’ll love the simplicity. The secret is that we replace the air between the double glazing panes with clear Argon gas. Argon is a safe, odourless, inert and non-toxic gas and is far better at preventing movement of heat or cold through our windows.

But that's not all. Our windows also allow more heat from the sun in through the window. Known as "solar gain", it is done by combining two special types of glass. AGC Planibel Clear Glass™ with enhanced thermal insulation to stop heat escaping. And ACG Planibel A Low E™ has superior performance when compared with conventional windows as it allows more solar heat in through the windows.

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