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Adding Value to Your Home

When we talk about adding value to a property we tend talk in terms of being able to sell it as quickly and as profitably as possible. Since our homes are typically the biggest investment any of us will make thinking in terms of sale value makes perfect sense.

But it is worth bearing in mind that some home improvement projects can actually cost more than they add to the value of a property. New designer kitchens and bathrooms can easily fall into this category. In contrast, found in May 2014 that, along with loft conversions and a new lick of paint, new windows and doors are one of the most sure fire ways to add value to your property at a profit.

Equally revealing is research published by Barclays Bank in May 2015 which found that more than half of homeowners (53%) would rather make improvements to their home rather than move. The question of adding value therefore is one that balances questions of both selling our homes and making the most of them until we do decide to move on.

Energy efficiency for added value

Any investment return on a property’s rising market value is reinforced by the energy savings that homeowners are able to make in the run up to a sale - however long that might be. Lower bills are something that every home owner values.

Since 2010 the government has insisted that all properties are awarded an independently assessed Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) whenever they are sold or let. The EPC assesses a property’s overall energy efficiency, taking account of all aspects of its energy use and retention, including door and window fittings.

A high EPC rating is an obvious attraction for any prospective buyer. Calculations performed by the government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggest that a three step difference in EPC ratings accounts for an average 14% increase in a property’s market value, with the figure as high as £38% in some areas. With the average house price in the UK at £195,621 (according to property experts Zoopla in August 2015) improving the EPC rating of an average property in this way could add as much as £27,387 to its value.

Counting the saving

These sales valuations have a parallel in the month-to-month energy bills of properties that may not be put on the market and which therefore do not have a formal EPC rating. The Centre for Sustainable Energy estimates that the average British house loses ten percent of its energy directly via its doors and windows.

In 2014 the independent Energy Saving Trust made the following calculations regarding the annual cash savings to be directly gained from replacing single glazed windows with double glazed units in typical gas heated homes. Given variable energy prices over time these figures should be seen as indicative only. Other surveys have put the figures considerably higher.


Energy rating


Semi detached

Mid terrace



A rated

£120 - £160

£85 - £110

£65 - £90

£55 - £75

£40 - £60

B rated

£110 - £145

£75 - £100

£60 - £80

£50 - £70

£40 - £55

C rated

£110 - £135

£75 - £95

£60 - £75

£50 - £65

£40 - £50


The independent authority which establishes the ratings shown in this table is the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and it is important to note that their ratings apply to the entire window unit - comprising glass, frames, spacer bars and seals.  This is the body that has awarded Safestyle’s Eco-Diamond products an A rating. More specific measures of efficiency for individual components are measured in terms of their U-values (also known as heat transfer coefficients). The BFRC ratings represent an overall assessment of the U-values involved in any unit.

Kerb appeal

If you are selling up then making a home as attractive as possible to as many potential buyers as possible is the order of the day. Brand new energy efficient windows and doors represent a big tick when it comes to generating this sort of kerb appeal. A clean crisp appearance and the promise of maintenance-free and energy efficient use for years to come generates the sort of winning first impression that is always going to pull in prospective buyers.

There are no hard and fast figures that detail the value of such kerb appeal, but there is universal agreement that buyers are quickly put off by tired, damaged and dilapidated exterior features. Furthermore, any prospective buyer is going to want to be certain that they are going to be able to recoup the price they paid for a property in the future. Being confident that key structures such as windows and doors are going to stand the test of time gives them another reassuring reason to buy.

Transferable value

The Safestyle guarantee is a prime example of such transferable value. Simply by notifying Safestyle of the name of the new owner you will be able to pass on and maintain the guarantee that covered the installation from day 1. Being able to back up that initial kerb appeal with a substantive long term guarantee that is backed up by industry overseers (including FENSA and the Glass and Glazing Federation) is a major selling point.

Similarly, insurers are liable to look more favourably on properties secured by modern double glazed windows with multiple locking points than older, weaker and more vulnerable units.  UPVC installations incorporating toughened glass are widely recognised for their strength and durability and hence are recommended by the police for their crime prevention qualities as well as by building experts for their resistance to damp and rot. Safestyle windows comply with the standards advised by greater Manchester Police - BS 7950 (security performance) and BS 7412 (window performance) in addition to numerous others that relate to other aspects of the window security and manufacture.

These British Standard certifications are the benchmarks by which you can measure not only the value you might want to add to your home, but also to its security once you have done so. The peace of mind that such security brings is invaluable in itself but also another value-adding selling point when it comes to finally putting your property on the market.


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Locking Points

The Eco Diamond incorporates hooks & mushroom cams at each locking point tested to our highest standards to give you ultimate peace of mind!

Toughened Glass

A-rated energy saving sealed units with toughened glass where required

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Precision manufactured from a high performance zinc alloy. They're tested to 50,000 cycles, that's more than twenty times the standard requirement!

Q-Lon Weather Seal

The Q-Lon design ensures maximum weather seal is obtained meaning no leaks and no draughts

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