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Bay Window Guide

Bay windows have been a characteristic feature of British housing since the Victorian era (from around 1870). It was at this time that the luxury of increased light and ventilation, wider views, more spacious interiors and a more imposing exterior became commonplace. Previously, taxes on glass (for builders) and windows (for homeowners) meant that bay windows were restricted to only the very grandest properties.

A detailed account of this history is available here, but it is worth bearing in mind that this period saw an unprecedented surge in house building in the UK. The popularity of bay windows up and down the country is a direct legacy of that home building boom.

Is a bay right for me?

Today, those benefits of light, space and ventilation are accessible to all of us. That is not the same thing as saying that any window can easily be converted into a bay. Installing a bay window from scratch may call for expensive structural work over and above the cost of the window itself. New bays are also viewed as property extensions and so may require a planning application. This may be an issue for anyone whose house is in a conservation area. For these reasons Safestyle focus only on replacing and upgrading existing bay windows. 

The Victorian boom in house building means that a half of all the UK’s homes are over 100 years old. Inevitably this demands that they require a certain amount of maintenance and renewal. This is something which particularly applies to traditional wooden framed bay windows, which can all too easily look sad and dilapidated whilst unnecessarily ramping up your heating bill. Wooden frames, in particular, are susceptible to damp and condensation.

When is the right time to upgrade?

Irrespective of any cosmetic concerns, homeowners with old and draughty, single glazed fitments will know just how much energy a bay window can lose - and the tradition of locating radiators under windows only adds to that loss (the idea was to stop draughts rather than the heat the room as such). In short, the sooner you can to put those issues to bed, the better.

Modern thermally efficient solutions can make this sort of needless energy loss is a thing of the past. Once you consider that a typical bay window will involve considerably more glass and more seals than its standard flat equivalent it is easy to see how dramatic such energy savings can be.

Happily, Safestyle’s flexible design solutions mean that you won’t have to sacrifice the traditional character of your home to achieve the green savings and the comfort that we all strive for. Patterned and leaded glass, as well as sash window options and individually constructed wood-effect frames mean that the perfect balance of tradition and technology is easily achievable.

A window on the future

Did you know that British homes are getting smaller? Research by insurers LV has found that the size of the average British home shrank by two square metres between 2003 and 2013. Given that so much of the housing stock is so old, that points to an even greater shrinkage in houses being built today. One spin off from that trend is that, just like their Victorian predecessors, 21st century home-owners are looking for ways to maximise the sense of light and space in their accommodation. Apart from anything else, it means that the humble bay window is very much back in fashion.

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Locking Points

The Eco Diamond incorporates hooks & mushroom cams at each locking point tested to our highest standards to give you ultimate peace of mind!

Toughened Glass

A-rated energy saving sealed units with toughened glass where required

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Precision manufactured from a high performance zinc alloy. They're tested to 50,000 cycles, that's more than twenty times the standard requirement!

Q-Lon Weather Seal

The Q-Lon design ensures maximum weather seal is obtained meaning no leaks and no draughts

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