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The Window Man and some questionable haircuts

The Window Man and some questionable haircuts

As many of you will know, when The Window Man isn't shouting at people about how much they can save on some new windows and doors, he's often found at his beloved Football club Burnely FC where he's more ofthen than not the matchday host.

He's a big fan of football and with the FA cup being one of biggest footballing events of the year, we decided to have some fun!

Many "fans" have a lot to say about The Window Man. The most common comments are about his 90s catchphrases or red cape (which we still have no idea how it ended up on the TV ads), but one that always seems to touch a nerve are the references to his, shall we diplomatically say, "interesting" barnet.

Now with questionable hairstyles on our mind and the recent mention of The Window Man's love of football it's only natural we start thinking about footballers with bad haircuts. One or two spring to mind immedtiately (the Waddle, the Valderrama), but if you think about it there are quite a lot of footballers sporting terrible haircuts over the years, in fact footballers may in actual fact be the largest culprits of barnet crimes the world has ever witnessed, it may very well be an epidemic.

So we pulled together the worst offenders in footballing history and have set you up ready to pick the ultimate bad-hairstyle XI with our very own Window Man commentating every step of the way!

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