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Cleaning tips for doors and windows

Cleaning tips for doors and windows

Ever been sitting on the sofa gazing out of the window when you suddenly wonder how you can even see the garden through that layer of filth on the glass?  Dirty windows can sneak up on you, embarrassing you in front of guests and obstructing your enjoyment of the outside world. Don't panic, though - we're here with some top tips to send that dirt packing - and they work on glass doors too!

  • Welcome to the future! Ok, we may be getting a little carried away, but we're sure you'll agree the 'e-cloth' does sound a little sci-fi! This innocent-looking cloth boasts 480,000 fibres per centimetre squared and promises a 'deeper clean than cleaning with chemicals', just by adding water. Channel 4 Homes recommends it, too.
  • …and back to the past. Sometimes the old ones are the best ones, and giving the inside of your windows a good old scrub with vinegar, water and newspaper certainly works to bring back the shine. Dilute one part vinegar with about four parts water then buff the glass with crumpled newspaper. For a more gentle approach, work the solution in with a lint-free cloth.
  • When using any solution to clean the inside of your windows, be sure to lay down an old towel to protect your floors or carpets.
  • For the outside of your windows, dilute washing up liquid with water then used with a sponge and squeegee. Finish off with a good buff using crumpled newspaper again. 
  • Use the power of steam to get rid of dirt quickly and without chemicals. Steam cleaners work by letting out forceful jets of steam to dissolve grime and, with their changeable nozzles, you should be able to get right into any spaces between the window and the frame.
  • Careful now! House to Home warns that using strong window cleaning products could damage the paintwork surrounding your window panes, so you may want to reconsider those shop-bought solutions.
  • Don't choose a sunny day to give your windows a clean - sunshine dries them too quickly and you'll be left with streaky glass.
  • Buff in an 'S' shape for minimum streak-age!

Now enjoy that view! 

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