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Safestyle to the (Rain) Rescue!

Safestyle to the (Rain) Rescue!

Here at Safestyle, we're always keen to give something back to the communities that surround us, and we recently had the opportunity to help out a very well-deserving charity. Since it's a cause that's close to many hearts, we thought we'd share the news with you. 

Rain Rescue is a non-profit organisation that specialises in protecting and rehoming dogs and cats in crisis situations, but over the winter this local charity was hit with a huge setback when a fire ravaged part of its headquarters in Sheffield. We heard about the situation at Rain Rescue, which has been saving abandoned and injured animals from the streets of South Yorkshire for the last 11 years. We looked into how they'd been affected and realised straight away that we were in a great position to help out!

The damage occurred when an initial small fire spread to a nearby skip causing it to set alight. The closest window was badly burnt and cracked, and guttering and drainpipes were also badly damaged. While Rain Rescue was able to replace the drainage as a matter of emergency, the financial commitment of having so many animals to look after meant they just couldn't afford to replace the window. The time of year didn't help matters: winter is one of their busiest times and they were already over-capacity.

To help get things back on track, our double glazing specialists stepped in to measure up the building and install a bespoke, high-quality replacement to restore Rain Rescue's facilities to their former glory.

What's more, none other than Jeff Brown himself headed down to Rain Rescue HQ to unveil the new window on August 12th, and met everyone there - volunteers and animals alike! As a big fan of the work they do, Jeff jumped at the chance to don the famous robes once again and reveal the Safestyle-fitted upgrade to Rain Rescue's premises.

Speaking before the unveiling, he said: "It broke my heart to hear about the problems that Rain Rescue had been through, and we all knew that we had to do something to help them. The charity relies on the public's kindness for donations to keep doing their great work, and we want to show our support too."

He added: "Many small charities don't get the credit they deserve, and a lot of people don't even know they exist - even if they're on their doorstep! We're just glad we found out about the situation and were able to help Rain Rescue. We hope our donation helps them continue their winning ways."


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