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Problems with condensation

Market research shows that condensation is one of the biggest complaints people have with older windows. Not only does it mean your windows look shabby it is also a sign that they are not energy efficient. What is more, a regular build-up of condensation can lead to unwelcome staining and it can be especially damaging to woodwork and soft furnishings.

What’s causing condensation?

  • Condensation occurs when warm damp air comes into contact with a cooler surface. When this happens, the air cools causing the water molecules within it to return to a liquid state.
  • Ventilation issues involving the build-up of excessive moisture - such as from drying laundry- may be made worse by old windows which allow cold air into a room.
  • Trapped moisture inside your double glazing can’t be removed.
  • New windows will dramatically reduce condensation in your home,whilst making mist between your panes a thing of the past.

Reducing condensation inside

Single glazed windows transfer heat (or the cold) very directly. On a cold day the glass will cool to the outside temperature and be cold to the touch inside as well as out. Internal air hitting the glass will immediately cool and condensation will result.

The inner pane of double glazing cools much more slowly due owing to the buffer of trapped gas between the panes which works like an invisible blanket. It is because of this pocket of enclosed gas that effective double glazing can prevent condensation.We fill the cavity between the panes with harmless Argon gas which conducts heat 34% less effectively than air and so offers a super-efficient insulation layer.

Stopping condensation between the panes

Condensation between the panes is caused by a broken seal. When this seal is broken humid, moisture-bearing air makes its way between the panes. Once that happens internal condensation is inevitable. What is more,a broken seal will be reducing the window’s energy efficiency and that will have a direct impact on your heating bill.

Our recommendation is to replace the damaged window with an energy efficient one. You’ll also be covered for 10 years with a guarantee against broken seals and any repeat of this issue.

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