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How does double glazing reduce heat loss?

Our Expert Answer...

How double glazing reduces heat loss: if you have ever asked that question then you’re lifting the lid on one of the most exciting areas of scientific research today. “Using some very clever technology!” is the answer.

The latest generation of glass Safestyle use comes from AGC and comprises of two different types of glass to regulate how heat passes through the glass. The outer pane (Planibel Clear™ Glass) stops heat escaping. The inner pane (Planibel A Low E™) assists in maximizing the suns heat into your house... two birds with one stone, so to speak.

In between the two sheets of glass you will find a special gas called Argon which is perfect for slowing down the speed at which heat passes from the inside of your house to the outside world. It is an inert gas and non-toxic you’ll be happy to know!

As well as Argon gas the space is also kept absolutely bone dry which also massively reduces the speed that heat moves through the space. That’s because water is great at transferring heat and you get loads of water in normal air.

Combining different types of glass, Argon and dryness within a factory sealed double glazing unit has a huge effect on the prevention of heat loss. Visit our Eco Diamond Windows page for more information on the benefits of energy efficient windows!

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