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Want to know how you can go about buying new windows and doors from Safetsyle? Find out all you need to know here.

Ask our in-house experts

Ask our in-house experts

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Are double glazed windows supply only?

There is a very important reason why Safestyle do not supply windows to anyone else. We passionately believe that our customers should have the entire Safestyle…

Are double glazed windows worth it?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a very sensible question to ask yourself, “are double glazed windows any good?”, especially if you haven’t had them before. Financially sp…

Do I need to be the home owner?

Because the fitting of double glazing products is an alteration to a property, we will need the permission and acceptance of all people named on the mortgage. T…

Do you do finance for poor credit customers?

Here at Safestyle, all our finance customers are considered on an individual basis. We will always try our utmost to help in any way we can, ensuring that ever…

How long will it take from filling in the web request for my new windows and doors, to actually having them installed in my home?

The time it takes from filling in our quote form to you standing outside admiring your lovely new Safestyle windows obviously depends on a variety of things (nu…

How much are double glazing windows?

That’s a very sensible question to ask. There is no standard price for double glazing and you could see wildly differing prices if you choose to shop around. Ch…

How much is double glazing?

You are absolutely right to want to gain a general idea of how much double glazing will cost. If we all lived in the same type of house this would be a very eas…

How much will it cost me to replace my windows or doors?

Because everyone's home is different, how much it will cost to replace your doors and windows depends entirely on the size, shape and style of the windows and d…

I haven't bought my home yet, or I'm waiting to complete the purchase, can you give me a quote?

Because our prices are based on the exact dimensions and styles of your chosen products - as well as the surrounding structure itself, our Home Advisors will ne…

My home is rented, or a Council property, can you still give me a quote?

As your Landlord or the Council own your property, we must have written confirmation from them stating that they have given permission for the work to be carrie…

My house or extension has not been built or finished yet, can you give me a quote from the plans?

Sorry - because our Home Advisors need to see the actual location and dimensions of the area your new windows and doors are to go in, we can not give you a quot…

My partner and I are both in receipt of income support benefit - can we still qualify for easy payments?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer finance or payment plans for those on any form of benefit.

PVC windows supply only?

There is a very good reason why we never supply windows to third parties, trades people or members of the public... our reputation. We have spent twenty years …

Condensation In My Double Glazing? Do I Need New Windows?

Yes you do! Although, let’s just take you through a couple of double checks first. Run your finger down the inside pane of glass. Is it wet? If it is then dr…

I Live In An Ex- Local Authority Flat (Council), Am I Allowed To Put Double Glazing In?

If you have purchased the flat, perhaps in a Right To Buy Scheme, or privately then the property is your responsibility to conduct home improvements without add…

How Do I Measure For A New uPVC Door?

You shouldn’t need to measure for a new uPVC door. It is a complex job and should be performed by an expert. We know how that can sound but rest assured that th…

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