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Ask our in-house experts

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Can windows be fitted from the outside only? Our house is small and it would not be easy to get at the windows from the inside.

Much of the work can be done from the outside but the glass fits from the inside and we'll need to be inside to trim the window up against the plaster work. Se…

Can you do supply-only?

"Fitting it yourself" or having someone else fit them may sound a way to save even more money - but this only results in problems and hardwork on your part. He…

I've just bought my windows and doors from you! What happens next?

After we’ve visited you to measure-up and you’ve chosen a style and design from our wide range of windows and doors, we take your measurements back to our facto…

Would I need planning permission for my new windows and doors?

Planning permission would only be needed if the property was listed, or major alterations such as building work and structural changes were taking place at the …

How much mess will be made when getting double glazing?

Here at Safestyle we are really glad you asked this question because one of the most complimentary bits of feedback we get back from our 1,000 customers a week …

Should I Use A FENSA Or Similarly Approved Installer?

Yes you most certainly should use a FENSA registered double glazing company. Here at Safestyle we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that your new …

How long will it take to install new windows and doors?

Over the last twenty years we have worked long and hard to perfect our systems for fitting the best possible windows at the best possible price and all with the…

Do I Need To Do Anything Before You Install My Windows?

After more than twenty years of fitting high standard double glazing in and around the UK we really have got things off to a fine art. And we really do understa…

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