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Double glazing windows with blinds in?

Our Expert Answer...

Double glazed windows with integral blinds certainly do look very neat but beware. You need to look very closely at the warranty period on these. Think about this, the best double glazing works because it seals in a cavity of gas such as Argon gas within a 16mm deep cavity between two panes of glass.

At sea level the air pressure outside the glass is a constant 1 atmosphere or about a kilo to put it simply. If you have integrated glazing then you have draw strings set within eyelets on the outer edge of the inner seal.

At Safestyle we do not believe that you can offer a warranty as long as ours and have integrated blinds – we are simply not convinced that the technology is robust enough and that’s one of the reasons we don’t do them. Also, bear in mind that fashions change and many people change their curtains and blinds every four or five years. If you are stuck with blinds for the duration of your window’s life then you are stuck with that style. It is also worth bearing in mind for when you go to sell the house – people like to be able to stamp their own mark on a home and restricting them with integrated blinds could affect your house sale.

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