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How To Clean External Grime From uPVC Window Frames?

Our Expert Answer...

We are not patronising you when we tell you to only use mild soapy water and a soft cloth when cleaning both your double glazing windows and frames. This is the ONLY thing we recommend and here are the reasons why:

  •  A lot of multi-surface cleaners use acid to melt grease quickly and make cleaning a doddle. This may appear great on your cooker hob or kitchen surface but on uPVC it will melt the top layer and damage the frame. This could affect your guarantee.
  • Bleaches is as caustic a chemical as acid. It just happens to be at the other end of the PH scale to acid but do not think that means it is any less damaging. You should never, ever use bleach on your upvc window frames. Many chemical cleaners will leave a slight residue which can react with sunlight to cause further damage.
  • Glass cleaner contains alcohol and the temptation is to clean your double glazing with this stuff. DON’T! Your glass contains special coating to control the window’s heat efficiency. Alcohol could damage those coatings and can also melt the surface layer of plastic on the frame. 
  • You must only use a soft cloth because a scourer will scuff the upvc and again damage the surface, weather proof layer.
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