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Are patio doors energy efficient?

Our Expert Answer...

That very much depends on who has manufactured them and who has fitted them. In truth we can only speak for our own products but we hope this helps inform you when shopping around... not that you need to with our unbeatable BOGOF promise!

Our Eco Diamond range of double glazed windows are rated A for energy efficiency which is down to a number of factors, including the exceptional qualities of the AGC Glass, Argon gas filling, energy saving Super Spacer and thermal inserts, used along with our dedication to quality control in our factory.

These windows are so efficient that they have been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and are proven to lower your carbon footprint. If carbon footprint doesn’t mean much to you, never fear, the knock on effect of reducing your personal footprint is that our patio doors are also proven to help lower your heating bills (providing you have Safestyle windows and doors throughout the entire house).

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