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Difference between French and patio doors?

Our Expert Answer...

Whilst French Doors will suit literally any property because of their timeless chic, as a rule they have a decidedly middle-class feel to them that often conjures up images of stone cottages and Georgian Townhouses. They are recognisable by their delicate white frames containing what appear to be multiple, portrait oriented, oblong panes of glass. They also open outwards via side hinges to create that double door effect. These days most people don’t have the old wooden, single glazed variety because they let way too much heat out. The modern double glazing variety of French windows and doors are some of the most popular choices today.

Patio doors on the other hand tend to be the sliding door variety and, more often than not, a full, floor to ceiling pane of glass (obviously it’s a double pane when we are talking about double glazing ).

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to deciding which types of doors to go for but we do notice that people seem to opt for sliding patio doors because of their space saving properties.

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