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Not sure whether you really need new windows?

What you should expect from your windows, what problems can be fixed and what can’t are questions that we get asked a lot at Safestyle. Well here is a quick guide to the three most common problems their causes and whether or not they can be fixed.

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Problems with CondensationTick

Condensation is one of many people’s most common problems with their windows and one that’s a little more complex than you would think. There are actually three common types of condensation, inside your home, outside your home and the most frustrating in between the glass.

Inside Your home

There are numerous causes of condensation many of which are uncontrollable, things like the outside temperature and day to day activities such as cooking, washing etc.

Temporary fixes start as simply as wiping down the glass through to installing dehumidifiers which can be expensive to buy and run. The best way to reduce condensation is by installing double glazing windows, because double glazed windows insulate much better than single glazed the loss of heat from the room is reduced greatly.

This means the difference in temperature between the inside and outside pains will be much greater, and as a result warm air from your home will come into contact with a warmer inside glass pain and which means less condensation.

In-between the glass

If you already have double glazed windows and you find condensation forming in between the pains it is very likely that the seals are broken.  The space between the pains are usually filled with a harmless inert gas that acts as a barrier to heat loss, if condensation is forming on the in between these layers then the windows are simply not doing what they were designed to do.

Outside of the glass

This is one that catches many homeowners out. Condensation on the outside of your windows actually means your windows are working correctly, in fact perhaps a little to well! It isn't something likely to happen very often as conditions need to be just right. It can however occur when your windows are so energy efficient and they are letting such little energy in the form of heat that the outside pane temperature is a cooler than the dew point and thus moisture in the air condenses on the outside pane causing condensation.

This is less likely to happen on energy inefficient windows as more often heat from your home escaping will keep the outside pane above the dew point temperature. This isn't an ideal scenario though as you're obviosuly wasting potentially lots of energy.

Problems with DraughtsTick

If on cold or windy day you can actually feel draughts coming through a closed window then there is an issue. The most common cause of draughts is the age of the window, over time older windows can become warped and not fit properly; the smallest gap can produce an uncomfortable cold draught.

If the draught is coming from inside the window then there is a problem with the seal on that window. Single glazed windows are much more prone to this due to their only needing to be a break in the seal of the one pain of glass rather than in two.

Problems with open, closing and securing your windowsTick

If there are three things every window should do its open, close and lock if your windows are failing at anyone of these it’s best to get them checked out. Over time poor quality windows or even quality ones poorly fitted can wear down and drop out of place making the use of them difficult.

If there is a probably with the locking it’s normally something your installer will be able to fix. Safestyle guarantee the windows for 10 years and have service engineers dedicated to putting any issues right.


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