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Great Job.......eventually

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Great Job.......eventually
Mr Robert Gordon, Bolton Posted on: 21/05/2015 Overall a good experience, first a salesman, who needs to learn a better pitch than " I'll phone my boss and see and if we can get a special deal today" (I had already compared various suppliers on the Internet, the "special " deal wasn't the cheapest, but it was thereabouts)

Second, a pre-fitting survey by a man (who apparently had been doing the job for 30 years) who was very thorough and you were left in no doubt about what you were buying! (I am saying that as a good thing)

Then it went a bit wrong...... We arranged a fitting date but received a phone call saying our door had failed Quality Control, and so I said phone me when you get the replacement and we'll set a new date.

Then a couple of days later got a "follow up" call asking how the installation went and were we pleased with the work, I explained why it had not happened yet.

A couple of days after that, when my wife and I were away for the weekend, I got a phone call saying a fitter was outside my front door wanting access to fit my new door! Again I explained why I wasn't there and why he should not have been
The caller said he would come again the following Mon at 8:00 am.

I did not want to take time off work but also wanted the work done. Mon morn at 8:00, no fitter. I called the office at approx. 9:30 and they did not seem to know about any of the arrangements.

After a few more calls the fitter turned up that same afternoon and expertly fitted my new front door. I am very pleased with the final result with one exception, it might be an idea for the salesman to take some examples of door furniture with them, for if I had seen the flimsy nature of the door knocker supplied I would not have had it included. No problem with the rest of it.

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Home Visit 4.00
Product Value / Quality 4.00
Customer Service 3.00
Overall Experience 4.00
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