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Cut Door Bell Wire

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Cut Door Bell Wire
Mr Lesley Neno, Maidstone Posted on: 01/07/2015 Whilst I am absolutely delighted with my new door, I was very disappointed that no attempt was made to apologise, at the time, for the fact that my door- bell wire had been severed during the removal of my old door. The fitters knew what they had done because I heard them discussing it !!
On the Authority to Pay- Customer Feedback form, completed at the end of the installation......the fitter, having already ticked all of the Customer Comments boxes......I'm sure was delighted when I simply' signed on the line'. [Box 9: 'Please confirm that nothing has been damaged during installation'.]
I spoke to Tim, the Branch Manager at Crayford who promised 'to come back to me'.I didn't ask that he do anything apart from obtain an apology from the fitters since this 'accident' remains an irritating inconvenience. I still await his comments and ideally an apology. I'm old enough and ugly enough to accept my foolishness but also to expect good Customer Service. I am currently sharing this experience with friends, family and friends because currently my doorbell doesn't work!!

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Home Visit 5.00
Product Value / Quality 5.00
Customer Service 1.00
Overall Experience 1.00
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