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Ms Hong Lin, Cowgate Posted on: 05/08/2015 my first bad review is for this company.
From my experience, Before you sign a contract with them, get a written statement from their sales man that what they offer to you . If you want to remove a box from the window, you need to get a separate contract to show that safestyle is going to remove to box from wall to satisfifed with building regulation( newcastle depot manager David did say so to me when i make a complaint) .
Beware that remove a box is at extra 180 pound cost per window.
Beware when the sales man offer you a really good price(max discount),then you should do the all things above.
I was recommended by a friend, i trust this company, but i am really upset with them. I made a complaint to head office, they didnot do anything. Now i have contact GGF(Glass and Glazing Federation) to seek help.

My property’s window was installed on 10/07/2015, during the day, i found that the old windows’ box (wood) are not removed, Now the window is mounted on the old wood box instead of the brick.

I have spoken to the depot manager, he stated that the box is not part of the window,if i want to remove the box, then it is at 180pound extra cost for each window. I also need an seperate contract to satisfied the building regulation. I was recommended from a friend, i checked their contract, there is no separate contract to remove the box. I am not really understand this. And none of their sales man or suryor explain this to me when i signed the contract.

Home Visit 1.00
Product Value / Quality 1.00
Customer Service 1.00
Overall Experience 1.00
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