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Mrs Lynne Dunabie, Exeter Posted on: 21/10/2015 I had my new doors and windows fitted last week. Always a bit sceptical about sales claims, but I have been proved wrong! The fitters were brilliant, very professional and did an excellent job, can't fault them. From day 2, took two days to fit! The difference is remarkable. I no longer have a cold hall or front room, I have to keep turning the heat down as it get very hot very quickly and retains the heat. In fact I now have the heat down low and only on for about 3 hours a day in total, about half an our in the morning, half an hour in the afternoon and maximum 2 hours at night 8 - 10 pm and the house is still warm in the morning, in fact I am tending to turn the heat off at about 9.00pm. Well done Safe Style you have exceeded my expectations 100%. Thank you

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Home Visit 5.00
Product Value / Quality 5.00
Customer Service 5.00
Overall Experience 5.00
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