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Arched French Doors

Arched French doors are the perfect way to connect your living space with your garden and make a real style statement with your home.

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French doors allow you to make the most of your garden by linking it directly to your living space, making the outdoors feel like an extension of your home on those warm summer days. They let in natural light too, so even when they're closed they're adding to your home.

Our uPVC arched French doors are attractive to look at, while the arch feature lets in yet more light. Double-glazed arched French doors can really transform your home, so why not get yourself a free quote and see just how affordable arched French doors can be?

French doors are different from patio doors in that rather than sliding across, they open out like a traditional door would, yet there are two of them which open from a shared central point. It means you have better control over how open you want the space to be.

We take the construction of our French doors just as seriously as all our other windows and doors. Years of expertise on our side gives you easy-to-use, functional doors which look great and won't break the bank. 

As with all windows and doors from Safestyle UK, our arched French doors are very energy efficient - losing efficiency in your home by installing our French doors is not something to worry about. In fact, you get the added bonus of extra natural warmth from sunlight.

Safestyle double glazing includes a 16mm air gap between the panes to act as a thermal barrier, while even the frames have thermal inserts to make them extra-effective at keeping that precious heat in.

Because they're usually situated at the back of the house, away from the street, French doors are unfortunately a popular access point for thieves - but with Safestyle arched French doors, they'll wish they hadn't bothered!

We take the safety of your home as seriously as you do, and our years of experience have helped us to create doors and windows which are extremely strong and secure. From the steel-reinforced frames to tough uPVC outer shell and the multi-point locking mechanism, you can be confident that the contents of your home will be secure when you lock Safestyle double-glazed arched French doors.

While the sight of your arched French doors will have an impact on their own, you can add subtle style touches with Safestyle UK's choice of colour options. Perhaps oak or rosewood-effect frames would complement the look of your home more effectively than white uPVC? You can even choose to use different shades on their interior and exterior, and we also have hundreds of coloured glass options which will make that arch a real eye-catching feature.

If you want to explore our full range of double-glazed arched French doors, try out our handy Find Your Perfect Door Tool.

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