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Half Glazed Doors

Half doors are a classic look for the front or back entrance to a house - giving you enough privacy and security while still letting in plenty of natural light.

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Safestyle uPVC half doors come in a range of different styles and colour schemes, so whatever the look of your home - whether it's a traditional cottage or a modern suburban semi - we have options that will work for you. All our composite doors are extremely energy efficient compared to wooden doors, and our advanced multi-point locking system means that they are also extremely secure. Have a look through our range and if anything catches your eye, get yourself a free quote - there's no obligation!



Our half doors come in four different designs; the Half Wentworth, the Half Cannon and the Half Ardsley offer different looks for the lower panel of the door, so you can choose one which suits your personal taste. The upper section contains one of our high-quality double-glazed panels. The fourth design allows you to install glass panels in both halves of the door, separated by a uPVC cross section.

All our half-glazed exterior doors are steel reinforced and manufactured to the high standards we set at Safestyle. They also carry the same ten-year guarantee we give all our windows, so you can be sure that lasting quality is what you get from Safestyle.

Wooden doors and wooden frames were not designed with energy efficiency in mind - Safestyle half-glazed external doors have. Wooden doors and frames do not form an air-tight seal, and other gaps at the letterbox and at the bottom of the door can allow draughts in that will make the indoors cooler.

Our doors form a tight seal to keep out those draughts, and our double-glazing contains a 16mm air gap between the panes which provides a layer of thermal insulation. In addition, our door panels and frames contain thermal inserts to make them energy efficient, too.

Safestyle half-glazed doors can help make your home more secure, as we have gone to great lengths to construct doors which are extremely strong and tough. The durable uPVC panels cover steel-reinforced frames, while our locking mechanisms secure the door at multiple points along the frame for added strength.

Lock a Safestyle door, and you can be confident that the contents of your home are being kept safe.

To set your door apart from the rest and give it a personal touch, you can choose oak or rosewood-effect doors instead of white uPVC, and you also get a wide range of options for the glass. If you want plenty of natural light but a little extra privacy, we have a range of textured obscure glass options that are perfect for the job. You can even added leaded class patterns and coloured glass, creating an attractive external feature which delicately colours your inside hallway.

If you want to see just how striking a Safetyle door could look on your property, have a try with our handy view your favourite door tool.

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