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Panoramic Patio Doors

Discover the perfect way to make the most of your great outdoors with Safestyle's sliding patio doors!

Whether you walk out onto a stone patio, timber decking or just good old terra firma there’s something about a patio door that feels just that little bit luxurious. Maybe it’s the extra space you get with a sliding door, or maybe it’s the way it opens up different possibilities for summer living, but there’s really no denying the lifestyle benefits of a Safestyle patio door.

Tough Enough to Defend

When it comes to security we pride ourselves on every detail that goes into safeguarding our customers’ homes. Safestyle’s multi-point locking system is constructed to the very highest security and materials standards. The latch is die-cast for strength and the multiple hook locks have hardened anti-saw pins for added security. And this impressive defensive armoury is set within a steel-reinforced casing that remains a tried and tested industry leader.

Save money on your heating bills!

Draughty and cold patio doors don’t have to be the price you pay for a nice view into your garden and more light into your home these days. We use the same specialist AGC Glass as we do in our A-rated Eco Diamond windows to make sure you’re getting the best energy efficiency possible. Even better is the fact that you could save some serious money on your heating bills by losing much less heat out of your patio doors than you have previously.

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About our Patio Doors Find out details below

Energy Saving Glass

Utilising Pilkington’s “K” and Pilkington Optiwhite will keep your heat in your home whilst maximising solar gain (heat from the sun)

Colour options

These French doors are available in white, rosewood and oak effect!

Tough and Durable

Manufactured with high quality uPVC and are reinforced with steel tested to BS EN10327 to DX51D. uPVC is one of the most durable materials, and still unrivalled for use in energy saving windows and doors.

Seriously Secure

Multi-point locking systems are constructed to the very highest security and materials standards. The latch is die-cast and hook locks have hardened anti-saw pins for extra security.

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