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Stable Doors

Stable doors used to be a very popular choice for the rear door of the home, and now they are making a comeback as people look for practical door options which are a little different.

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Using a stable door allows you more freedom about how you open the door - it essentially means having a double-glazed window inside your door. That way, you can open up the windows section to let air in during the summer without having to open the whole door, which is something which some people want to do because of security worries - or maybe they just don't want to let the dog out!

You can also choose from one of our hundreds of coloured glass designs to make the window of your stable door a feature that people really talk about - so get a free quote and see how affordable it is to get stable doors for your home!

Traditional stable doors were simply one door split in two - but Safestyle designs are a little more advanced than that. By using what is effectively a window within a door we can maintain the strength of a normal door, while the window seals more effectively for both security and energy efficiency.

Opening up the inner window allows you to air the room as you wish while the door is still locked - perfect for smaller kitchens with few dedicated windows.

All Safestyle windows and doors are extremely energy efficient, and our stable doors come with the same double-glazed glass and thermal inserts within the door panels to keep it that way. You can use the inner window to air your home without having to lose as much heat as you would by opening up the whole door, and the window seals in an airtight fashion.

Using Safestyle stable doors will help you retain much more heat compared to using a wooden door and frame - this means you have to use your heating less and save a significant amount on your heating bills!

We take the security of our windows and doors very seriously at Safestyle - we want all our customers to feel confident that when they lock one of our windows or doors, the contents of their home are secure.

Although our uPVC stable doors may be a little different to other doors you've seen, you can be sure that with our reinforced steel frames and multi-point locking systems on both the outer edge of the door and the internal window, they are as secure as any in our range.

We can offer stable doors in white uPVC for a sleek and modern look, or rosewood and oak-effect uPVC for a more traditional look. On top of this, you can have a range of choices when it comes to glass.

Use obscure glass to let natural light in while retaining privacy, or select one of our great coloured glass designs to make a really feature out of your door.

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