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Energy Saving Windows

Our Eco Diamond Windows give you twice the efficiency of our standard double glazing.

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If you are committed to putting a big dent in your energy bills, Eco Diamond Windows from Safestyle UK are your best option. But how do they do it?

Using Argon gas between the two panes reduces the amount of heat lost through windows dramatically saving you a small fortune on your bills and our windows allow more heat from the sun in through the window. Known as "solar gain", it is done by combining two special types of glass. AGC Planibel Clear Glass™ with enhanced thermal insulation to stop heat escaping. And ACG Planibel A Low E™ has superior performance when compared with conventional windows as it allows more solar heat in through the windows.

The new Safestyle Eco Diamond Window is available now, and with free fitting and a flexible payment option, why not get yourself a free quote?

While you want your windows to give great results for your home and your wallet, you'll also want them to look great too. After all, they are among the first things guests see when they arrive at your house. You want them to make the right impression. Our Eco Diamond Windows are the ideal choice as they can be styled to suit you. They come with a sturdy 70mm outer frame for performance and a slim-line sash for looks. 

Choosing our Eco Diamond Window will also help stop any signs of damp or mould as they cut condensation by 70 per cent. Install them and your home will be a healthier place.


Here at Safestyle we aim to save energy, save you money and help the environment. As our Eco Diamond Windows are Energy Saving Trust recommended, you can be sure we're doing just that! So why not get a free quote today? You'll be impressed with how much energy (and money) you could save.

Safestyle's energiKare™ glass technology will save you more than enough energy to:

  • Run nine TVs for a year
  • Drive over 1,000km in an average car
  • Make 34,000 cups of tea and coffee

You can trust us to use as many different features as possible to bring you the very best results. Here's a run-through of just some of them:

  • Safestyle's energiKare™ glass technology keeps as much heat in as possible
  • Our ultra-clear glass lets in more of the sun's free heat - this is called 'solar gain'. 
  • Thermal inserts in the window frame and our Super Spacer between the panes of glass work together to stop heat escaping.

Our Eco Diamond Windows have a sturdy 70mm outer frame, and the thermal inserts in the frame don't just stop heat loss, they make the structure even stronger, while steel reinforcement finishes the job. In other words, our windows are strong, sturdy and secure.

With Safestyle, you can personalise the look of your windows to create a traditional or modern look - or anything in-between for that matter! Choose from our great range of lead and fret designs to find your perfect match.

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