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Multi Lock Windows

For a burglar, windows are one of the main points of access into a home. With multi-locking uPVC windows from Safestyle UK, this won't be the case.

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Our multi-locking double glazed windows are as secure as possible. They are all tested and retested in our own Yorkshire factory after production. This removes any weaknesses. The multi-point locks also offer protection in many positions for extra security.

At Safestyle UK, we take home security as seriously as you do. We take pride in delivering robust, multi-lock double glazed windows that our customers can rely on. We toughen the glass on-site in our own furnace to foil break-ins. The latest British Standard locks are also added to resist forcing and picking attempts.

To find out how affordable it is to bring these high levels of security to your home, get a quote today.


A multi-lock window is just that - a window that locks not in one place, but in multiple positions. This means any potential intruder would have to break through several locks to get into your home. Our extra-tough double glazing is also highly smash-resistant. After installation, you can relax in the knowledge that your home is protected. Safestyle's multi-lock uPVC windows won't let you down!

As well as being very resistant to break-in attempts, double glazing is great at keeping heat in your house. This is due to the layer of air trapped between the two panes. This makes it hard for heat to leak out. As your boiler doesn't have to work as hard, your energy bills will be massively reduced too! 

Get a quote today to find out how your new double glazing can pay for itself within years.


We use the latest British Standard multi-point locks to make sure your windows are protected many times over against attempts to force them. We also put all our doors and windows through a hard testing process which makes sure nothing weak or faulty ever leaves the factory. You can be reassured that when you buy from Safestyle, you're buying the very best for your home and family.

Our multi lock windows aren't just highly secure. They also come in a variety of attractive profiles to suit any home. Choose from the classic white finish or the luxurious oak and rosewood effects. Combination of white and wood are also available, giving you even more choices.

Use our Find Your Perfect Window tool to get an impression of what the different profiles look like on different homes.

Get in touch for a free quote - we can always change it if you decide you like something else more.

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