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Tilt & Turn Windows

Safestyle's uPVC tilt and turn windows let you ventilate your home on your terms.

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Tilt and turn windows are the result of clever design that allows them to open from hinges at both the side of the pane and at the bottom. This means you can open them wide on warmer days, or just leave a small opening at the top of the window to let fresh air in during colder months

Available in a range of styles to suit all tastes, our double-glazed tilt and turn windows are designed and manufactured to the high standards you expect from Safetyle. If you think your home could benefit from a bit of tilt and turn, why not get yourself a free, no-obligation quote today?

The design of our tilt and turn uPVC windows is very intricate - but you don't have to worry about that! We make all of our tilt and turn windows as easy to use possible. There are no switches or clips you have to fiddle with. Just turn the handle a quarter or half turn depending on how you want the window to open.

Other than the hinge mechanism, tilt and turn windows are just the same as our other double-glazed uPVC windows. Why mess with a winning formula?

Double-glazed windows have been proven to help the home retain heat much more effectively than single panes. Our tilt and turn windows are no exception. We use a 16mm air gap between our panes to provide a thermal barrier for the heat inside. Even the frames have thermal inserts to make them energy efficient.

Tilt and turn windows also total control over the air flow in your home. This means you can let a little fresh air in without losing too much of that precious heat!

Leaving ground floor windows open while you're in another part of the house is a security concern for some. However if you install tilt and turn windows from Safestyle, this will not be the case. Our tilt restrictor option allow you to air the home without worrying about security.

Although the hinges and handles are quite complex, they are still as strong and secure as they are on the rest of our range. Safestyle take security very seriously.

The tilt and turn mechanisms can be used with any of our frames. You have the full range of wood-effect and uPVC at your disposal when making your choice. So whether you want a traditional look or something more modern, we've got you covered.

You can also choose from hundreds of stained glass designs to bring a little coloured light into your home. Think about adding lead patterns to your window panes too for a classic look. Why not have a go with ourĀ Find Your Perfect Window tool to see how they would look?

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