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How much do you care about your carbon footprint?

The price of energy is always a hot topic in the UK (pardon the pun), and being conscious of the planet is becoming more important than ever. We decided to see just how energy efficient the people of Britain are, surveying 1,000 people about their energy usage. Looking at all our data, we then analysed their responses based on gender, location, income,and age. We compared our statistics and found one or two surprising results!

Liverpool leads the way

In terms of energy efficiency, Liverpool proved to be the greenest location in the UK. 85% of respondents in the city ensured that the lights are turned off when they’re not in the room, while on a national scale 27.7% of people said they leave the lights on in empty rooms.

Such attention to saving energy pays off, with 53.8% of people from Liverpool paying under £1,000 a year in energy bills. 83% stated that they never leave the heating on if they are not at home, whereas an average of one in three people nationwide admitted to doing just that.

Room for improvement

At the other end of the spectrum, we found respondents from Birmingham to be the least energy-efficient. 77.7% of people from the UK’s second largest city stated that they leave their TV on standby (which is 5.7% higher than the national average), and25% of people said that they just don’t care about their impact on global warming.

London is the second least energy-efficient UK city, closely followed by Edinburgh and Belfast.

However, it seems that we could all be doing a bit more to save on our energy bills, no matter where we’re living, as 73% of respondents admitted to leaving their Wi-Fi router on, even when they weren’t at home.

Let’s hear it for the boys

Generally, men are more energy efficient than women. 74% of men make sure to turn lights off before they leave a room, whereas women bring the national average down by 2% in this respect. Men are also typically more conscious of turning off the heating and the Wi-Fi router than women are.

Household income

The results suggest that those with cash to burn are the most conscious of saving money on their energy bills. 79% of respondents earning over £100k per year said that they unplug their phone chargers when they are not in use, which is 14% higher than the national average.

Furthermore, 87% say that they make sure their lights are turned off when they leave a room, whereas the national average is not so encouraging, with 27.7% people admitting that they leave the lights on.

It seems that people at the lower end of the wage spectrum are conscious in a different way. When it comes to heating, 83% of people with household incomes of under £10k turn the heating off before leaving the house, whereas just under 50% of people whose incomes are over £100k leave the heating on during the day.

The impact of age

Respondents aged over 65 have the most impressive credentials when it comes to saving energy. 80% unplug all their digital devices when they are not in use, 75% switch the TV off at the wall and 72% make sure the heating is off before leaving the house.

Over-65s are considerably more energy-efficient than 16-24-year-olds, 55% of whom said they don’t really care about being environmentally-friendly. 45% make a habit of leaving the heating on while they’re not at home and 79% wouldn’t even consider turning off their Wi-Fi router.

Feeling guilty?

58% of all our respondents said they feel guilty about not acting in a more energy-efficient way, although when questioned about the motives behind their energy-saving actions, only 15% said it was to protect the planet. 84% of people look to be energy-efficient purely with the aim of saving money.

More women than men feel guilty about not acting green– 13% more, in fact. In terms of location, Cardiff is the city that feels the least guilt, whereas Birmingham – the UK’s least energy-efficient city – feels most guilty out of everyone, perhaps with good reason!


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