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Safestyle Accreditations & Standards

Safestyle strive for the very highest standards in the work we do and in the installations that we provide. One way that we are able to guarantee those standards is through our membership of the organizations that oversee and regulate our industry. Our membership of the Glass and Glazing Federation, its offshoot the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme - commonly referred to as FENSA - the approval of our products by the Energy Saving Trust, and the validation of our workmanship by the TrustMark scheme are a way to ensure that every aspect of our work is at the forefront of our industry.

These independent, government recognised bodies not only set benchmarks for performance, they also regularly check the products and service of companies like ourselves to ensure that we are maintaining those standards. That means, for example, that when we make a claim about the energy efficiency of our windows or the security of our doors you can be confident that what we say has been checked and certified by an independent watchdog. What each of these different bodies does is outlined below.

The Glass and Glazing Federation

The GGF is the overall umbrella authority for the glazing industry in the UK. Established in 1977 as a relaunch of the Flat Glass Association (est. 1964) the GGF exists to represent the interests of companies in the UK who make, supply and fit glazing and glazing-related products. This representation involves advising and lobbying government and European authorities as well as ensuring that its members’ dealings with individual members of the public are conducted in a way that meets the needs of everyone involved.

Consumer protection is something the GGF takes extremely seriously. All members are vetted and their conduct and routinely checked. A formal code of good practice is set out and member organizations are required to honour a comprehensive customer charter. As that charter states, The Federation’s logo on a company’s literature or vehicles is a mark representing quality and reliability.

The Window Efficiency Rating (WER) that tells you how energy efficient an overall window unit is (not just the glass) is set by the British Fenestration Research Council (BFRC) which was formally taken over by the BGF in 2005. The A to G rainbow ratings that are widely used for other products are now part of Buildings Regulations compliance thanks to the direct input of the BFRC and the GGF to government policy.

In addition to the benefits listed above, using a GGF member to fit an installation guarantees compliance with Building Regulations. Safestyle is a proud member of the GGF.

The Energy Saving Trust

Established in 1992 the Energy Saving Trust is a not-for-profit, government-backed organization whose mission is to help promote energy efficiency and conservation. It is the UK’s largest provider of energy saving advice on a range of issues that extend far beyond questions of windows and doors.

As well as conducting its own research the EST offers down to earth practical advice on how homeowners, commuters and businesses can all reduce their energy use. As part of its mission to promote cleaner and greener lifestyles the EST endorses individual products that help to achieve significant energy saving in the home. Safestyle’s A Rated Eco Diamond Window and its Sliding Sash window are two such products.


The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme is another GGF initiative. It was set up in 2002 as a way to enable competent door and window fitters to self-certify their work as complying with Building Regulations. With so many replacement doors and windows now being fitted this self-certification approach was introduced as a way to prevent local authority planning departments becoming overrun. 

Details of how the scheme operates, and the security it offers consumers is available here  

TrustMark - Government Endorsed Standards

The TrustMark Scheme is a government backed initiative aimed at making sure that anyone carrying out repair, maintenance or improvement (RMI) work in your home is capable and qualified to do the work. The Trustmark framework runs alongside that of the GGF, although it also extends well beyond glass and glazing to cover all aspects of building work. Consumer protection is the primary concern of the TrustMark scheme. It is endorsed by consumer protection groups and industry bodies, including FENSA and the GGF as well as the Government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

The TrustMark logo is an assurance that anyone displaying it not only meets high standards of workmanship, it also guarantees that they satisfy stringent criteria for customer care, trading practices, health and safety at work, and the provision of relevant insurances and warranties. Regular on-site inspections are carried out under the scheme to ensure that the TrustMark code of practice is fully complied with.  

Taken together our membership of these schemes is intended to demonstrate our absolute commitment to supplying and fitting windows and doors of the very highest quality. It is also intended to give each and every one of our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are dealing with a company that is wholly open in the way it goes about its business.

Safestyle Windows Find out details below

Locking Points

The Eco Diamond incorporates hooks & mushroom cams at each locking point tested to our highest standards to give you ultimate peace of mind!

Toughened Glass

A-rated energy saving sealed units with toughened glass where required

Quality Handles

Precision manufactured from a high performance zinc alloy. They're tested to 50,000 cycles, that's more than twenty times the standard requirement!

Q-Lon Weather Seal

The Q-Lon design ensures maximum weather seal is obtained meaning no leaks and no draughts

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