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Triple Glazing

What is triple glazing?

Most people will know what double glazing is as it's been around for many years now, and whilst it may seem obvious that triple glazing is just the addition of a pane hence the "triple" it may not be obvious why the additional pane is introduced.

The extra pane is introduced for several reasons but perhaps the two main reasons being the aim to reduce energy loss even further than double glazing and to enhance the windows ability to reduce noise.

Energy reduction

Triple glazing will certainly make an improvement in energy reduction in comparison to some double glazing counterparts, however if your ultimate aim is to save money then our recommendation would normally be to stick with double glazing. Whilst the improvements in energy reduction with triple glazing are there it is in our experience often the case that the additional cost for the triple glazing (remember there is 50% more glass for each window) doesn't offset the return of this in the long run. Still Energy saving isn't always the only thing to consider when purchasing new windows.

Noise reduction

One of the biggest reasons we would recommend triple glazing would be if noise issues in your environment are a real issue for you. Of course double glazing can make a huge difference but if there are extreme circumstances such as living close to a very noisy road or near an airport or heavily populated area the additional reduction in noise that triple glazing can provide could make all the difference in giving you that peace and quiet you're after!

Enhanced security

Triple glazed windows are like doubled glazed windows very secure as a general rule as long as they are internally beaded. Of course the extra pane of glass with triple glazing makes it even tougher for brute force smash and grab attacks.

How much does triple glazing cost?

Every home is different and so to give you the very best price possible we would always need to take some measurements to provide you with a quote.

Which should I choose triple glazing or double glazing?

Our recommendation is to to choose what suites your needs best. In most cases double glazing would provide the maximum benefits for the best price and it's certainly what our customers choose almost every time but we are here to help and can talk through your requirements to make sure you're choosing the best windows to suite your needs.

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Locking Points

The Eco Diamond incorporates hooks & mushroom cams at each locking point tested to our highest standards to give you ultimate peace of mind!

Toughened Glass

A-rated energy saving sealed units with toughened glass where required

Quality Handles

Precision manufactured from a high performance zinc alloy. They're tested to 50,000 cycles, that's more than twenty times the standard requirement!

Q-Lon Weather Seal

The Q-Lon design ensures maximum weather seal is obtained meaning no leaks and no draughts

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